“Mammography Saves Lives” Slogan Doesn’t Tell Full Story and May Mislead Many Women

Bioethics, Cancer, Medical Economics, Woman's Health
The current “Mammography Saves Lives” campaign in the United States and previous campaigns promoting screening for breast cancer are not providing balanced information, because they underreport, or don't mention at all, potential harms from the procedure, say critics. One expert says the advertising for a screening mammogram should say something like this: MAMMOGRAPY HAS BOTH BENEFITS AND HARMS … THAT’S WHY IT’S A PERSONAL DECISION. Screening mammography may help you avoid a cancer death or may lead you to be treated for cancer unnecessarily. But both are rare; most often mammography will do neither. That’s why screening is a choice. Women who want to do everything possible to avoid a breast cancer death should feel good about getting mammograms (every year if they wish). Women who don’t like the procedure or…
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Probiotics have health benefits in some children

Alternative Medicine, Children's Health, Nutritional Health, Parenting
The AP reports, "For years, companies have been making claims that their probiotic pills, yogurts, milks and juices help digestive health and the immune system. Some experts are still not so sure, however. In recent blogs about probiotics and kids, I've told you, “Friendly Bacteria (Probiotics) Help Calm Colicky Babies and May Help Constipated Babies” and "Probiotics may ease kids’ belly aches (especially IBS)." And now, a "leading medical group says there's some evidence that probiotics, or 'good' bacteria, may have limited benefits for certain illnesses in children." A new American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) review published in the journal Pediatrics suggests that giving probiotics early to children with diarrhea from a viral infection, but who are otherwise healthy, can shorten the duration of illness. The Time "Healthland" blog reported, "The review also found that probiotics…
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