Less Than 25% of Valerian Herbal Sleep Supplements Pass Tests For Quality

Alternative Medicine, Mental Health
Long-time readers of this blog know of my admiration for ConsumerLab.com, a leading provider of consumer information and independent evaluations of natural medications (herbs, vitamins and supplements). In fact, I use their findings almost daily in my practice to recommend natural medications to my patients. In its most recent evaluation of a natural medication, valerian, ConsumerLab found that MOST of the valerian herbal supplements tested contained less of the herb than expected and/or were contaminated with lead. Valerian is a popular herbal sleep aid used by approximately 6% of the U.S. population. Valerian accounted for $68 million in sales in the U.S. in 2009, up 10% from the prior year, according to Nutrition Business Journal. Among nine leading and best-selling products selected by ConsumerLab.com for review, only TWO passed testing.…
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9 Food Additives That May Affect ADHD

Children's Health, Mental Health, Nutritional Health, Parenting
In my book on ADHD, Why ADHD Doesn't Mean Disaster ... On sale now in both softcover and hardcover ... I say this about the association between food additives and ADHD: Dr. Ben Feingold first popularized the idea in his 1985 book, Why Your Child Is Hyperactive, that food additives caused ADHD. However, multiple medical studies since then indicate that the likelihood of these substances playing a role in ADHD is very, very low. Although food dyes or preservatives may affect some children, it is at most a very small percentage and a very small effect. Nevertheless, I also wrote this: While it is highly unlikely that ADHD is either caused or worsened by junk foods, there are plenty of other health reasons to restrict these foods at least on normal days. And, I…
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Celebrities With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children's Health, Mental Health, Parenting
Writing the book Why ADHD Doesn't Mean Disaster brought me much joy. In the book I emphasize that people with ADHD are usually quite gifted, but as kids need to be parented in a special way. Kids with ADHD are very valuable but fragile gifts that must be unwrapped and cared for with special skills. (BTW, the book is now on clearance sale here for the softcover [$1.99] and here for the hardcover [$3.99]). I've found as I care for kids with ADHD, it's helpful for them to learn of celebrities who have ADHD. Here is a nice article of celebrities with ADHD from Health.com: Up to 10 million American adults have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—also commonly referred to as ADD—so it's no surprise that some of America's most…
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