Fast-food restaurants target U.S. kids, study shows

Children's Health, Obesity, Parenting
Fast-food restaurants are stepping up efforts to market themselves and unhealthy food products to children and toddlers with television ads, websites, and even their own menus, researchers have found. They're saying efforts by the industry to regulate itself have failed and are urging government officials at all levels to declare children a protected group and stop marketing efforts that are fueling child obesity, a serious U.S. health problem. Here are more details from Reuters Health: "What we found in the marketing data is a staggering amount of fast-food advertising that starts when children are as young as 2 years old," Jennifer Harris, of the Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity in Connecticut, told a telephone briefing. Harris and colleagues spent a year studying 12 big fast-food chains, analyzed…
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Timely Reminder: Adults urged to get vaccinated against flu and pertussis

Children's Health, Men's Health, Parenting, Woman's Health
USA Today serves up a timely reminder for us adults:  "Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends flu shots for everyone over six months old, only a third of Americans in this age group received one in 2009," and "even fewer adults are vaccinated against whooping cough." But, in light of California's current battle against "its largest whooping cough outbreak in more than 60 years, health officials are urging adults to get vaccinated as a way protect babies and other vulnerable patients." Indeed, "while whooping cough may be nothing more than a nuisance for an adult, it is a 'tragedy' for babies, who have no natural immunity against it and whose tiny airways make them especially vulnerable to respiratory bugs." Make an appointment today with your family physician…
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National Cancer Institute Should Tell Women of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Bioethics, Cancer, Woman's Health
Breast Cancer Surgeon Explains How Abortion Elevates Risk for Women For years the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has denied a link between abortion and breast cancer.  But NCI may soon have to apologize to the women it has misled—because one of its own researchers is starting to acknowledge the link. Here are the details from my friend, attorney Bill Saunders: In the last 18 months alone, five studies have demonstrated an increased risk of breast cancer following abortion.  One of those studies, co-authored by Louise Briton, a NCI branch chief, found a statistically significant 40 percent increased risk of breast cancer following abortion.[1] The study also acknowledged that its findings were “consistent with the effects observed in previous studies on younger women.  Specifically, older age, family history of breast cancer,…
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