‘Research Miracle’ – Pancreas cells transformed into insulin producing cells

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Biologists at Harvard say they've transformed one type of fully developed adult cell into another type. They transformed adult pancreas cells into insulin producing cells in mice. Could this be a potential cure for type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes? And, could this be the death knell for embryonic stem cell research? My Take? (more…)
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Podcast – Moody Radio

[display_podcast] John Blok Host of "Prime Time Florida" Weekdays 4-5 p.m. Moody Radio Florida Where You Turn. For Life. 91.1FM WKES, Lakeland / Tampa Bay / Orlando 90.9FM WSOR, Naples / Ft. Myers / Cape Coral 91.9FM WHGN, Crystal River / Inverness / Ocala 104.3FM WKZM, Sarasota / Bradenton Listen live online at: www.MoodyRadioFlorida.fm
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Study Links Herbal Medicines to Lead Poisoning. How can you find safe herbs?

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Fox News is commenting on a study published in the August 27 issue of JAMA in which medical researchers say that one-fifth of Ayurvedic herbal medicines sold on the Internet contain dangerously high levels of lead, arsenic and mercury. How’s a consumer to protect themselves? My Take? (more…)
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Kids follow parents’ lead on fruits and vegetables

Children's Health, Health Headlines, Nutritional Health, Parenting
Reuters Health has a story about a new study showing that parents who want their preschoolers to eat their fruits and vegetables should probably practice what they preach. In a study of more than 1,300 families, researchers found that when parents boosted their own consumption of fruits and vegetables, so did their young children. My Take? (more…)
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Healthy Eating Help Kids’ Concentration in School – How can you help your kids?

Children's Health, Health Headlines, Nutritional Health, Obesity, Parenting
HealthDay News is reporting that healthy foods should be included on the list of back-to-school supplies for your children. Dietitian Catherine Kraus explained that a healthy, balanced diet enables neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) to function more efficiently, resulting in improved concentration and memory. My Take? (more…)
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California Supreme Court Tramples Doctors’ Religious Beliefs

Bioethics, General Health, Health Headlines, Medical Economics, Woman's Health
USA Today is reporting that California's high court on Monday barred doctors from withholding ethically questionable medical procedures to gays and lesbians based on religious beliefs, ruling that state law prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination extends to the medical profession. The ruling was unanimous, a contrast to the state Supreme Court's 4-3 schism in May legalizing gay marriage. My Take? (more…)
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Obama Caught Red-Handed in Abortion Lie

Bioethics, Children's Health, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
LifeSiteNews.com is reporting that Barack Obama and National Right to Life went head-to-head over Obama's abortion record, and the Democratic presidential candidate now has backed off his claims that pro-life advocates were "lying" over his vote to kill a bill that would have prevented infanticide in Illinois. Obama's campaign now acknowledges he "misrepresented" his position. My Take? (more…)
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Obama – An Abortion Extremist

Bioethics, Children's Health, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
Gary Bauer says, “Senator Barack Obama may be the most extreme pro-abortion candidate ever nominated for president of the United States by a major political party.” How extreme? When Pastor Rick Warren asked Obama at this weekend’s Saddleback forum, “Have you EVER voted to limit or reduce abortions,” Obama used 200 words of fluffy rhetoric to hide his real answer –- “No!”  My Take? (more…)
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Barack Obama Repeats False Claim Abortions Haven’t Declined Under Bush

Bioethics, Health Headlines, Medical Economics, Woman's Health
LifeNews.com is reporting that during the presidential forum on Saturday night, pro-abortion presidential candidate Barack Obama repeated the erroneous claim that abortions have not declined under President Bush. The idea behind is the claim is to make it appear that pro-life policies don't reduce abortions. My Take? (more…)
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Man Turns Blue Taking Alternative Medicine (Subject for Dr. Walt’s Next Book)

Alternative Medicine, Health Headlines
ABC News is reporting about a man, Paul Karason of Oregon, whose skin is now a bright shade of blue – the result of a rare medical syndrome known as argyria, or silver poisoning. He began using silver as a form of alternative medicine, not realizing what might happen to his skin. It started a decade ago, when he saw an ad in a new-age magazine promising health and rejuvenation through colloidal silver. My Take? (more…)
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Democratic Platform is More Pro-Abortion than Ever

Bioethics, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
LifeSiteNews.com is reporting an article by pro-abortion leader Francis Kissling in which she acknowledging that the new Democratic party platform favors the cause of abortion and sex education, even more so than in previous years. Kissling notes that the new platform "derives its moral authority from 'a woman's right to choose safe and legal abortion'", unlike older ones that spoke merely of "privacy." My Take? (more…)
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New England Journal of Medicine: ‘Brain Death’ is not Death – Organ Donors are Alive

Bioethics, Children's Health, Health Headlines, Medical Economics
In a horrifying report, LifeSiteNews.com is commenting on an article that is sure to rock the world of organ donation. The highly respected New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has published an article which backs up the objections of various pro-life groups, as well as some scientists and physicians, to certain types of organ donation which involve the removal of vital organs from patients believed to be dead. The problem, say the authors of the NEJM article, is that in many cases these patients may not be dead at all.  My Take? (more…)
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Researcher on Abortion-Depression Link Says APA Report Ignores Best Studies

General Health
LifeNews.com is reporting a New Zealand researcher, who is one of the world's leading experts on the kind of mental health problems women face after an abortion, who is saying that the new report from the American Psychological Association denying any link between abortion and mental health disorders, such as depression, flies in the face of the best studies. My Take? (more…)
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Gardasil (HPV Vaccine) is a complicated decision for clinicians and parents.

Bioethics, Children's Health, Health Headlines, Medical Economics, Parenting
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that although "most medical organizations strongly advocate using" Gardasil, "the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine that may prevent cervical cancer," a number of clinicians and parents "are asking whether the vaccine's benefits really outweigh its costs."  My Take? (more…)
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HHS Secretary, Christian Doctors Speak Out on Conscience Rights

Bioethics, General Health, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
For years the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) has been advocating in Washington, DC for the conscience rights of its members and all healthcare professionals, encouraging legal protections and education and reform in the medical profession. The issue took center stage recently when the New York Times published an article based on a leaked copy of draft regulations by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on conscience rights in healthcare. The revelation of draft regulations to protect conscience rights set off an avalanche of protests from abortion advocates, many of whom have asserted that healthcare professional literally should choose another career if unwilling to participate in abortions. Opponents of the regulations wrongly asserted that HHS was trying to stop abortions and limit contraceptive use—very difficult charges to make stick, since the regulations…
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