ConsumerLab lists the top-rated vitamin and supplement brands

Each year, surveys its e-newsletter subscribers about the vitamins and supplements that they use. The results below are based on 10,260 responses collected in November, 2011.

Most respondents used multiple supplements. Respondents gave ratings for 1,551 brands and 906 merchants that they used. Eighty-eight brands and 36 merchants each received at least one hundred consumer ratings.

Among these popular brands and merchants, those receiving the highest rating on overall consumer satisfaction within their specific market segment are listed below.

Top-rated Supplement Brands on Consumer Satisfaction:

  • Catalogue/Internet Brand: Swanson
  • Direct Selling (MLM) Brand: Nutrilite
  • Discount/Warehouse Brand: Kirkland (Costco)
  • Grocery Store Brand: Trader Darwin (Trader Joe’s)
  • Healthcare Practitioner Brand: Pure Encapsulations
  • Health Food Store Brand: Nutricology
  • Mass Market Multi-Category Brand: Biotivia
  • Mass Market Single-Category Brand: Citracal
  • Pharmacy Brand: CVS
  • Vitamin Store Brand: Vitamin World
  • Canadian Brand: Webber Naturals

Top-rated Brands on Consumer Satisfaction for Specific Types of Supplements:

  • Calcium: Puritan’s Pride
  • CoQ10: Life Extension
  • Fish Oil: Life Extension
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Puritan’s Pride
  • Multivitamin: Life Extension
  • Probiotic: Puritan’s Pride

Top-rated Supplement Merchants on Consumer Satisfaction:

  • Catalogue/Internet: Life Extension
  • Direct Sales (MLM): Nutrilite
  • Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s
  • Mass Market: Target
  • Online Multi-Category Retailer:
  • Online Supplement Retailer:
  • Pharmacy: Walgreens
  • Vitamin Store: Vitamin Shoppe
  • Warehouse Store: Costco

The comprehensive, 129-page 2012 Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users Report analyzes and compares consumers’ satisfaction with popular brands of supplements and supplement merchants. The report also examines the use of 31 specific types of supplements and nutritional products.

Results are analyzed by respondent age, gender, and level of supplement use. The report is available for purchase. Custom analyses are also available. For more information or to purchase the report, go to

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4 Responses to ConsumerLab lists the top-rated vitamin and supplement brands

  1. Fayrene says:

    I want to know if the brands of vitamins I am taking are good ones. ConsumerLab will not give me the list unless I join their web page. I have breast cancer. would you give me the list so I can choose the best vitamins. thanks. Fayrene

  2. Fayrene, you can purchase the vitamin review for $12. That’s cheaper than a bottle of most vitamins. But, you have to decide if your health is worth that. For me, the cost of the entire subscription saves me much, much more than that.

  3. Fayrene says:

    thanks, the list I want is the one where they tested the actual contents of the vitamins and found they were not acurate. I don’t want to buy these Brands.

  4. The list is what you have to pay for … that is, if you want it.

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